Recent exhibitions:
Signs of Love will be shown at 1628 Art's fall exhibition from August 23rd - Nov 19th

Character Analysis will be shown at Albe Art Gallery's SPEECHLESS exhibition and their May 2021 magazine

While earning a BFA of Fine Arts, concentrating on photography, and acrylic painting, Teresa is also pursuing a minor in marketing at the University of Cincinnati. Her interests have been developing towards more editorial, street, fashion photography the further she works with the camera. Teresa has found herself very excited about photographing people and creating stories. Decadent outfits are often used in her work. In the future, she would like to work with a team directing editorial fashion shoots. With her digital marketing certificate and marketing minor on the way, Teresa is using her innovative personality type to work alongside other creatives in best showcasing the arts.

Recently Teresa has been working with visitor services at The Cincinnati Art Museum and The DAAP Galleries. Outside of the museum she has mostly been taking photography commissions but is open to painting and printmaking commissions as well. She is working on a variety of ongoing personal series in photography and printmaking while maintaining her 3.7 GPA and consistent place on the dean's list. Teresa is open to working with others and eager for opportunities.